first offer High tides & Good vibes.  

BeachBoyz is a Collection of 3D NFTs that is set to Disrupt P2E Blockchain Gaming for a True Metaverse Experience.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain with the purpose of uniting likeminded people to form a sub-culture utilizing the power of blockchain, specifically NFT.

Minting is currently underway and our $BOYZ Token presale is coming soon.

What is BeachBoyz all about?

A Social Platform

A lifestyle social platform built to further connect the community


BeachBoyz Metaverse

A play-to-earn, open-ended social simulation game. Already in development.


BeachBoyz Resort

An exclusive resort for the members & +1s. Your NFT is your pass



How To Buy


first offer BeachBoyz Metaverse Game. 

The NFT will translate to in-game character 1 for 1. What you mint is what you’ll get in the BeachBoyz Metaverse!


An open-world social simulation game, set on the BeachBoyz virtual island, aims to simulate real life situations and activities in a fun and enjoyable manor. The initial features of the game will include collecting seashells with different rarity levels, farm resources, constructing homes, adopting pets, participate in beach sports, open various shops and businesses, purchasing and subsequent trading of land lots, as well as job simulations.

On BeachBoyz Island, the sky is the limit, we wish to introduce additional features and mechanics, based on interests of the community, as project progresses.

BeachBoyz Roadmap

Check out our roadmap and how we plan on steering the boat.


Get your beachbod ready

  • Core Development Team Confirmation
  • Backend Development (website, socials, dApp) Completion
  • Details Finalization
  • Initial Marketing Engagement
  • BeachBoyz Community Assemble
  • BeachBoyz Founder NFT Fair Launch
  • BeachBoyz NFT on Secondary Market


Stake out your spot

  • Exclusive Merch Store Reveal
  • Set Up Legal Framework
  • Launch of the $Boyz token
  • BeachBoyz Club Social Platform Release
  • Establish NFT DAO Structure
  • BeachBoyz Island Game Alpha Release

Get your groove on

  • 1st Semi-Annual BeachBoyz Event
  • Partnerships Engagement
  • Revenue Generation & Licensing
  • Additional Marketing & Brand Recognition
  • Further Commercialization
  • Update this Roadmap for Phase II

Meet the Team






Lead Designer


Business Development Manager


Community Manager


Most frequent questions and answers

The NFTs live on BSC forever.

There will only ever be 4,444 BeachBoyz Founder NFTs!

The entry fee into the club is  0.35 BNB

“Click on the “BeachBoyz Minting” -> “Mint” on top of the page

We will reach out to establish a secondary market immediately upon NFT minting completion

The funds raised during the NFT drop will be used to develop BeachBoyz games, social platform, and land trust for the resort. We have planned and budgeted the cost to develop the games and social platform. With majority the work done in-house. A good portion of initial funds will be allocated to a trust fund for the Community and remainder balance will be generated through royalty of NFT transactions and merch sales.

Yes! There will be a token released prior to the release of our game to support the play to earn model. 

Initially planned to be a web format, upon the release of the game, this feature will be injected into the dApp along with the game.

An open-ended social simulation game, set on the BeachBoy virtual island, aims to further connect BeachBoyz community.